Hasty Baker

A deliciously fun card game for the entire family

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Are you ready for the race of your life!?

Race against your friends and family to complete recipes by collecting cards containing the ingredients for a variety of delicious desserts. Be warned, ingredients aren’t the only cards in the deck! Other players may try to sabotage you with cards like Steal Ingredient and Spoil Ingredients, making this an awesome competition!

It's playtime

The Game

Ingredient and Recipe Cards

Fall in love with our characters Butter, Flour, Eggs and more as these “ingredients” magically come to life. Our recipe and Ingredient cards are designed with bright, vivid and fun characters and icons, making it easy to follow at any age.

Strategy Cards

Don’t be fooled, Hasty Baker is not just for kids. Take the opportunity to play a Strategy card to slow other players down or get lucky and pull a card that helps you jump ahead. You may just find the adults love the game so much – they keep playing even after the kids go to bed!

What’s in the box…

Cat’s may get a kick out of playing with empty boxes but we’re thinking you want more. Hasty Baker’s box includes:

  • 110 Ingredient and Recipe Cards
  • 24 Strategy Cards
  • Instruction Sheet
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Why families love the Hasty Baker Card Game!

Great for all ages.

A family-friendly game for any age, Hasty Baker keeps everyone entertained with fun characters and images. We challenge you to take a look at Sugar or Butter and not smile.

Kids too young to read? They too will enjoy the game and learn to read as they match the icons and characters. There’s enough strategy and sabotage for kids 6-12, teens, adults, and even grandparents to play without anyone getting bored. If anyone is yawning, it’s because they’ve stayed up so late playing! We warn you, people say the game is addictive.

Having been recognized by Autism Live, Hasty Baker is a great social activity for the neurotypical as well as those on the spectrum. It’s perfect for the classroom, playdate, whole family game night, or even adult game night!

Teaches Kids

No one likes games that are difficult to figure out..no problem here. Simple gameplay with clear instructions makes picking up the game easy. Kids will have fun learning strategy, math, reading, spelling, and critical thinking without realizing it. Designed with bright, vivid and fun ingredient cards, kids of all ages will easily identify the cards they need. Even your youngest can gather the flour, eggs, butter, sugar and other ingredients to create their favorite dessert before other bakers finish theirs!

Award winning.

We are so proud to have been recognized. Hasty Baker won the Tillywig Best Family Fun award, Creative Child’s Game of the Year, got the Parent’s Pick award and was awarded Autism Live’s Best Card/Board Game. Hasty Baker was also endorsed by Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship Season 9 winner, Keaton Ashton!


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Before you start

Game Details

We share this info but be sure to note that many Hasty Baker fans tell us their kids as young as four and five find the game fun to play! Some even adjust the play so that each game is completed in a shorter timeframe.

Everything you need to know

How to Play

How to Play Hasty Baker

Everything you need to know about Hasty Baker


A Taste of the Gameplay

Shuffle the blue deck and the red deck separately.

If you’d like, you can use the box to hold the draw and discard piles of the blue deck. We designed the box to give this option to players like a tidy table.

Every player gets 7 blue cards
Recipe Card
…and a recipe card
On Your Turn

Every Turn, You get 2 Actions

Choose from these options:


Place an ingredient in front of you to work toward completing the recipe!


Play one of the many strategy cards to slow other players or speed yourself up!


Replace a card in hopes of getting a better one!

Complete recipes

Each completed recipe is worth a point. You can also get extra points by:

  • Playing a Blue Ribbon card on your recipe before you complete it. A recipe can have just 1 Blue Ribbon so don’t try to get greedy!
  • Completing a Double Batch. If you or someone else plays a Double Batch card on your recipe, you have to get double the ingredients to complete it, BUT you also get an extra point when you do. Hmm, is it worth the risk?

Both of these cards get put with the completed recipes to represent the additional point.

Hasty bakers instructions

Read the Full Rules

Download a PDF of the rule sheet so you can read the rules in detail.

Have a question not answered in the rules?

We would love to hear questions you have so we can make the rules as clear as possible!
Email us at [email protected]

your questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Hasty Baker can be played with as few as two (2) people and up to six (6) players.

Hasty Baker was created to create fun for all ages. Although it’s labeled for ages 7+ we have heard from parents that even their children as young as 4 enjoy playing…although they can’t read, the icons and characters make it a great matching game for them! And for the adults, there is strategy in the game to keep them entertained as well.

First of all, in the game Hasty Baker, there are eight (8) different strategy cards. One of these is titled “Hasty Baker”.

hasty baker

On every turn, a player gets to perform 2 actions. Those actions can be placing an ingredient in front of them to contribute toward finishing their recipe, replacing a card in their hand by discarding and drawing, or playing a strategy card. All the strategy cards except Double Batch and Blue Ribbon must be put in the discard pile to play them.

For example, a player might use the two actions like this:

  • Action 1: place an ingredient on their recipe
  • Action 2: place a Blue Ribbon strategy card on their recipe

This Hasty Baker strategy card gives the player another action to take. No matter what, if they play a Hasty Baker card, they will discard it. When it is your turn, you could play a Hasty Baker card (by discarding it from your hand) as an action and then you would be able to perform 3 other actions (1 more action plus the 2 provided by the Hasty Baker card).

Here’s an example of what might happen on a player’s turn.

  • Action 1: play a Hasty Baker strategy card. Provides actions 3 and 4 below.
  • Action 2: place an ingredient on their recipe
  • Action 3: place a Blue Ribbon strategy card on their recipe
  • Action 4: place another ingredient that finishes their recipe

Without using the Hasty Baker card, they would only have been able to put 2 ingredients down, or put an ingredient and the Blue Ribbon card, or some other combo of two actions. But, after putting the Hasty Baker card down, they can do three actions.

YES! One of our proudest moments was being recognized by Autism Live in 2021 with the Best Card/Board Game award.  

Currently, you can buy Hasty Baker on Amazon and Walmart, as well as you may see it in local stores in the United States and Canada. Stay tuned as we are working to sell it in more countries.

No worries, things get misplaced. Click here for a link to download a new instruction sheet.

We’re happy to answer your question, just email us at [email protected]

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